Miranda (mandydax) wrote in tokyo_rosetta,

I couldn't help branching out

This morning I got up to the Core Lesson for Unit 3 > Lesson 3, but didn't go through it yet. I'm still amazed when I start to totally get something I thought I'd never remember at all. ^_^

I've been searching about out of curiosity for other resources as well. I've found a couple that I kind of like.

One is Koichi's blog at Tofugu.com (LJ syn tofugujp). Yes, this is the panda hat guy I posted earlier. He does have a lot of incidental stuff, but a lot of informational stuff, too. There are insights to Japanese culture that the RS program hasn't yet shown me, but that I'm interested in. Gotta have some fun with this stuff, right? In his videos, he talks about other resources that have helped him as well, and I'll probably check more of these out as I go along.

The other is a podcast that I'm test-driving. It's from JapanesePod101.com. Actually, there are both audio and video podcasts, available on iTunes. I learned about liking weather in just a few minutes last night. I haven't really looked over the site that much, but it seemed a bit confusing. Maybe I'll give it another look later, but for now, those podcasts will suffice. Actually the video kanji lesson (bright: sun+moon 明:日+月) helped me remember Sunday and Monday because the kanji for them include the sun and the moon: 日曜日 and 月曜日. It was one of those moments when I saw the moon kanji and it totally clicked.
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