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Unit 3 > Lesson 3 > Core Lesson

This one seems pretty simple overall. Teaching and learning, speaking and reading and writing, various languages, people and animals, and numbers up to 69 ([obligatory juvenile humor]). It's amazing how easily vocabulary can be expanded once you get going. One problem I seem to have with the pronunciation is that it doesn't think I'm saying eigo right. That's the word for English, so yeahhh. Maybe I'm trying too hard to get the i in there. I'm sure I'll get it eventually.

I'm starting to think that it'd be nice to maybe take some notes of the vocabulary. There isn't any reference outside the program except for the Audio Companion. I'd really like to be able to refer to something written down, too, just so I can review when I'm not at the computer. Maybe I will go back and take some down. It might help to write some of these things down, too. Either way, it'd be a nice way to review.

Calendar Girl

I just finished Unit 3's Lesson 3's Core Lesson. A lot of calendar type stuff in there. It's a lot to take in. Wow, seriously. Days of the week, day, week, month, year, seasons of the year. That doesn't even include the other stuff like new particles and phrases. It's really quite exhausting to think that hard. :P I'm gonna go take a nap.