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Unit 3 > Lesson 3 > Core Lesson

This one seems pretty simple overall. Teaching and learning, speaking and reading and writing, various languages, people and animals, and numbers up to 69 ([obligatory juvenile humor]). It's amazing how easily vocabulary can be expanded once you get going. One problem I seem to have with the pronunciation is that it doesn't think I'm saying eigo right. That's the word for English, so yeahhh. Maybe I'm trying too hard to get the i in there. I'm sure I'll get it eventually.

I'm starting to think that it'd be nice to maybe take some notes of the vocabulary. There isn't any reference outside the program except for the Audio Companion. I'd really like to be able to refer to something written down, too, just so I can review when I'm not at the computer. Maybe I will go back and take some down. It might help to write some of these things down, too. Either way, it'd be a nice way to review.

Road to the Milestone

Last night while I had some down time at work, I decided to try practicing writing some words. I used the Vocabulary and Phrases tracks from the Audio Companion for the words, listening to one and pausing to write it out in hiragana or katakana, whichever is appropriate. I had to use a chart to remember most of the katakana, but the practice helped me to learn a few I didn't know before. I'm getting very good at writing some of the kana I think. Fluidity is improving.

Tonight, I went through the rest of the Unit 1 sections, including the end Review for Lessons 3 and 4. I did very well, although I'm still unsure of the reasons for the differences behind some of the number particles or the changes in pronunciation from one subject to another, although others seem pretty clear. Learning Spanish gave me a sense for that, especially when it comes to people. Of course, with English as my first language, I totally understand the concept of exceptions to the rule and irregularities. (Can you say "The childs eated"? Yes, you can, but you'll sound like a lolcat.) On the bright side, I have managed to actually surprise myself by saying something for the mic that I don't think about in English or pause to consider how to construct the sentence! I guess the Immersion is helping.

I did stop short of doing the Milestone (aka Lesson 5) tonight. It says it should take only about 10 minutes, but I'd like to rest on what I've gone over tonight. Tomorrow I shall tackle that Milestone and see how it goes. Then I should be able to report on how the transition to the next Unit is handled, as well.

One last thing: I did notice that the notification that I'd be asked to repeat a non-perfect section has me doing them in just 5 days. I wonder if it is adjusting to my pace or if the non-Review sections are built in that way. Either way, it should do me good to go back and make thinks 100%.
Nightmare Night Applejack

Audio Companion

So last night before bed, I ripped the Audio Companion CDs so I could listen to them on my iPod. Tonight at work I listened to the Lesson 1 tracks. For these, it was all call and repeat, with the first set broken down into constituent sounds, the second set just being some of the words, and the third being whole phrases. It looks like they'll add speaking and conversation in later lessons. I was really quite amazed that I remembered what all the words meant and could picture them in my mind. Repeating them myself, for the most part easily, after just the one lesson feels really good.

BTW, I get distilled water to drink because the tap water here is from a well and very hard, and the cats have gotten spoiled as I squirt some into (unused) votive candle holders for them, and they love it! Tonight I said,
"Neko wa mizu o nonde imasu," as I watched them lap it up, and had a bit of a giggle fit. XD