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I just did the Unit 1 Milestone, which was quite different from the Lessons. The Milestone is a first-person story in pictures and you supply your part of the dialog. The other people in the story say their lines and you respond by speaking, and if you fail a couple of times to say what you're supposed to, it will provide the written line for you and then you say it. I didn't get as bad as this, but I'd guess that if you still fail it a couple times more, it would say it and then ask for you to repeat.

I did have a bit of a concern that it might not want exactly what I might say. Lots of parts of a sentence can be left out in Japanese, but it did seem to want the responses I provided, save the one where I misunderstood the question. The milestone seems to be a good way of putting everything in a continuous context and making sure that I understood it. It was a bit short, and so didn't use all of the vocabulary I've learned, but if I want to review that, I can go back into the lessons again as well.