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Neckties and undershoes and purples, oh my!

I had to reinstall. There was some corruption that caused some screens to be skipped. :( It didn't lose my progress, however, which is very good.

I had a callback to a previous Adaptive Recall for Lesson 2, and I got through quite a few sections tonight. I was doing really well, but I'm getting tired, so I'll stop and head to bed. A few quick notes, first, though.

Lesson 4 included additional colors, how to ask what color something is, more bits of clothing (including socks, which are literally undershoes), hunger and thirst, and some other things that run together with the old lessons (which is a good thing, I'm pretty sure).

I'm getting much more confident in my speaking, and not stumbling over some phrases as much as I expect to. My reading skills are just astounding considering the vast difference between English writing and furigana.

That's enough for now. G'night!

Note: I thought I'd posted this last night, but I'd only hit preview... :\