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A couple nights ago I was continuing my lessons, but I was so tired, I started to fall asleep, so I just went to bed. Sorry I missed the update, but there wasn't anything drastic that I can remember.

Tonight, I was asked to try a refresher, the Adaptive Recall section of Unit 1 > Lesson 3. I passed with flying colors. (That's funny because that's the Lesson with the colors in it. >_> ) I was also asked to do this for Unit 1 > Lesson 4. Good practice and good to know I could do it right after all the other words and grammar I'd put in my head. I'd like to say again how good I think this is, and not just for the review itself.

I continued on with Unit 2 > Lesson 2. I did pass everything that I did tonight. The Listening and Reading section, the Reading section, and the Writing section are the easiest, as they are breaking down the words and teaching the hiragana along with the sounds, and also teaching the romaji, but also at this point having me spell with hiragana (picking from three kana each syllable). There were other sections that are much more demanding, however.

Earlier I said that I was glad of the refreshers, and part of that is that I like to always be right. It's not the program; it's me. When I make a mistake because I missed something or because I simply didn't get it, it's frustrating. Of course, there are bound to be mistakes, and I need to learn to deal with it. They're not going to destroy anything, and I do learn from them. So, going back over material that I know well (due in part to previous mistakes) is encouraging. It shows me that I can learn this stuff.

I'm tired, so I'm going to cut this short tonight. I went through five sections tonight in addition to the two refreshers, so I did make progress.